How zCloak sets a new paradigm for a private and scalable computation environment

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4 min readSep 19, 2022
Ceras Ventures & zCloak

We are thrilled to announce our investment in zCloakNetwork together with Coinbase, Jumpcapital, KuCoin, VectorCapital and more. zCloak is a privacy-preserving computing platform that ensures self-sovereign data control and much more.

Pre-Series A Round Investors

About zCloak

Founded in 2020, zCloak Network is a privacy-preserving computing platform. It enables a new computation paradigm where people can do computation/analysis of their data in client device, not in centralized servers. zCloak Network combines the latest progress in zero-knowledge cryptography and verifiable credentials to ensure both the computation process and the user data are trustworthy.

With zCloak, users can prove their identity has certain attributes or they satisfy certain requirements without showing any private data. The user proofs are made available in major public blockchains by zCloak oracle service. Third-party DApps can leverage this information to provide personalized service to their users.

zCloaks Ecosystem Concept

Zero-Knowledge of Proof as key element of zCloak

ZKP is a type of cryptographic math that enables someone to prove things are true without actually revealing the information. zCloak uses ZK-STARKs virtual machine to generate and verify zero-knowledge proofs for general-purpose computation, based on the concept of Self-Sovereign Data and Self-Proving Computation. It helps users to perform computation and analysis on their data without sending the data to 3rd parties.

Using zCloak ID Wallet, users can prove their identity information satisfies some restrictions via zero-knowledge. In this manner, the verifier won’t have access to the claimer’s personal information but can also check whether the content in the credential meets his/her requirement.

zk-STARK Virtual Machine concept

DID and VC as security provider for zCloak

Authentication and verification have become one of the major challenges worldwide. With the advent of blockchain technology and distributed ledger, a novel, fully decentralized and permission-less approach has been established, which is promising for self-governance and self-sovereignty.

The DID ecosystem is based on public key infrastructures where only the owner of the private key has full authorization of the DID. This is like blockchain-based systems, in which the users control their assets. This leads to the following issues regarding the system when in use such as recovering a lost private key is extremely difficult and once your private keys are stolen, malicious acts like impersonation may cause “you” to misbehave. Overall, all users are fully responsible for creating and managing a secure backup of their private keys/mnemonics.

A verifiable credential (VC) can represent the same information as a physical credential represents. The addition of technologies, such as digital signatures, makes verifiable credentials tamper-proof and more trustworthy than their physical counterparts.

Holders of verifiable credentials can generate verifiable presentations and then share these verifiable presentations with verifiers to prove they possess verifiable credentials with certain characteristics.

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