Decoding SocialFi: A Deep Dive into its Current State

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In recent months, the nascent field of SocialFi has garnered significant attention, marking a paradigm shift in the intersection of social media and decentralized finance., a pioneer in this space, has seen staggering inflows exceeding $420 million since its August launch, according to Dune Analytics. Meanwhile, Phaver and Pop Social, Web3 mobile social apps, have recently announced successful fundraises, underscoring the growing momentum within the realm of crypto-native social media.

What Is SocialFi?

At its core, SocialFi leverages blockchain technology to reimagine the monetization of social interactions. Unlike traditional Web2 social media, where users often serve as the product, SocialFi platforms position users as clients, creating a unique business model. Content creators can now directly capitalize on their influence, while users are incentivized with rewards for their engagement, presenting a refreshing departure from the revenue models of current social media giants.

SocialFi represents a natural evolution in the ongoing convergence of technology and finance. Traditional social media platforms have long been hubs for communication, information-sharing, and community-building. Simultaneously, the rise of blockchain technology and DeFi has introduced a new paradigm for decentralized and permissionless financial services.

The blending of these two realms has birthed SocialFi, where users can seamlessly integrate their social interactions with financial activities. Imagine a world where tweeting, posting, or engaging with friends on social media not only fosters connections but also facilitates decentralized financial transactions. and the Rise of SocialFi, a major SocialFi platform launched in August 2023, has been a milestone in the evolution of SocialFi and decentralized social networking. The platform, built on Base, Coinbase’s Ethereum Layer-2 network, allows users to trade keys associated with X, formerly Twitter. Within two weeks of its launch, it has received more than 100,000 users.

Source: Dune Analytics

Despite its initial success, doubts linger about’s long-term sustainability.

Critics point to the highly financialized nature of the app, allowing users to buy and sell tokenized “keys” granting access to group chats with creators. While the financialization attracts early adopters, concerns arise about mainstream adoption and whether users will pay for social media access. Users must set up a crypto wallet to access, and the platform is highly financialized. This is different from the culture of traditional social media platforms, of which an average user is not accustomed to paying to access social media.

Four Innovative Projects of Ceras Portfolio Redefining Social Interactions

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, with innovations in technology reshaping how we connect and interact online. In this chapter, we delve into four pioneering SocialFi projects that are revolutionizing social interactions and leveraging blockchain technology to empower users and creators alike.

  1. Sleek: Redefining Connectivity in the Digital Age, Sleek stands out in the competitive web3 landscape by focusing on real-world utility and fostering a community of enthusiastic supporters. With its unique blend of a physical card and a Telegram bot, Sleek streamlines how people connect and remember each other. The platform has attracted over 20,000 verified users through organic growth and word-of-mouth, facilitating over 300,000 connections. Sleek’s commitment to user convenience is evident in its multi-chain platform, supporting Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and BNB Chain, with a default wallet created on Solana for lower transaction fees. Additionally, Sleek is developing a knowledge marketplace that enables experts to tokenize their knowledge, aligning incentives between creators and their audience through shared financial interests.
  2. Phaver: Rewarding Active Curators with Ownership Phaver’s innovative model utilizes blockchain and cryptocurrency tokens to reward active curators with actual ownership in the platform. With a Twitter-like layout based on the Lens protocol, Phaver creates a Web 2.5 ecosystem where users can seamlessly engage without a digital wallet or lens profile. Since its launch, Phaver has experienced exponential growth, boasting over 100,000 monthly active users and a vibrant community across Discord and Twitter. The integration of Lens protocol enables users to connect their Phaver and lens profiles, creating an on-chain backup for enhanced security.
  3. StarryNift: Empowering Art and Value Appreciation StarryNift is the first integrated gamified platform and launchpad for fun digital collectibles, empowering art by technology and democratizing value appreciation as a DAO. Unlike conventional NFT projects, StarryNift offers a frictionless platform for artists, collectors, and investors to fully enjoy the fun of NFT creation, collection, trading, gaming, and socialization. With benefits such as dividends, surprise airdrops, and advanced event notifications, StarryNift incentivizes community participation and engagement. The activation of a one million BUSD Original Era mining pool further enhances the Play to Earn experience for NFT holders, with cross-chain support for Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.
  4. Pop Social: Simplifying Onboarding to Web3 Pop Social is a dynamic AI-powered social gateway to Web3, simplifying the onboarding process for traditional users and setting new industry standards for organic growth. With over 350,000 downloads, 200,000 registered users, and a vibrant community of over 600,000 members, Pop Social is on the brink of a groundbreaking milestone with its token listing and initial exchange offerings on leading exchanges. The Pop Token (PPT), supported by the BNB chain as a BEP-20 token, offers a multitude of utilities, including governance powers, access to mint original Creator NFTs, and enhanced platform experience.

Community Dynamics and the Path Forward

The success of any SocialFi platform, such as, Pop Social and more, hinges on the dedication of its community. Web3 platforms, driven by the collaboration of passionate users and innovative mechanisms, aim to redefine the dynamics of online interactions.

However, users of SocialFi expect the platforms to become more mature. For example, they complain about the buggy interface of and are concerned that such platforms are not sustainable in the long run.

As the state of SocialFi unfolds, challenges such as platform sustainability, user adoption, and regulatory considerations persist. Yet, as we may spot a slow rise in the number of SocialFi users in recent years, the optimism surrounding decentralized social interactions, transparent monetization, and user empowerment fuels a continued exploration of the possibilities within the realm of Web3 social finance.

Source: BDC Consulting


The state of SocialFi is dynamic and evolving, marked by experimentation, community engagement, and a quest for a more equitable digital landscape. The journey toward realizing its full potential is underway, unfolding at the crossroads of social media and decentralized finance. As the industry matures, addressing concerns and finding a delicate balance between financialization and user-friendly accessibility will be pivotal in shaping the future of SocialFi. Our four innovative SocialFi projects exemplify the transformative potential of blockchain technology in redefining social interactions, empowering creators, and fostering vibrant communities in the digital age. With their user-centric approaches and commitment to innovation, Sleek, Phaver, StarryNift, and Pop Social are poised to shape the future of social networking and value creation in the decentralized era. The narrative continues to unfold in this fascinating exploration of the possibilities within the realm of Web3 social finance.

Written By: Jennifer Yin
Edited By: Sarah Abuagela

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